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DnK supports the orphange “LKMS vaiku ir jaunimo paramos centras” http://www.lkmsvaikai.visiems.lt/


The Public institution “Lithuanian Women Catholic Union Children and Youth support centre” was created in 2003 autumn. The programs prosecuted by Women Catholic Union,  homeless children and children who have social problems living in families care, were passed to Centre in 2004 March.  The next children care program prosecuted in Zirmunai 123 was passed to Centre in 2004 May 17. All responsibility about children took Viesoji Istaiga “LKMS vaiku ir jaunimo paramos centras”( Lithuanian name of public institution) and now here lives 18 children from 3 till 13 years old. The new institution address is M. DAUKSOS 3/2, Vilnius, Lithuania.

All these children need Your kind help. Their future belongs from the kindness of rich people and their wish to create common nice future for children of common Europe.

We invite You to visit our web.page for more information www.lkmsvaikai.visiems.lt  We hope for Your kind support to our house and thank You for all care which You kindly passed to these children in past.

With respect and hope for future relations.

Regina Rekesiene Director of Centre
phone:+370 5 2623819
web page: http://www.lkmsvaikai.visiems.lt/
e-mail: lkmsvaikai@post.5ci.lt


Make a donation to the Norwegian Club in Lithuania A donation to the Norwegian Club in Lithuania (DnK) will be used immediately and effectively to help children in need in Lithuania. See what we support under DnK supports. DnK is a legal entity, managed by Norwegians living in Lithuania.

DnK finances its projects with contributions made by private individuals and donations from businesses. 100 % of donations received have been and will continue to be invested directly in projects for the support of disadvantaged children. Administrative costs (running office costs, telephone, electricity, postage, supplies, bank fees and cost of financial audits etc.) and travel costs were and are met entirely by personal contributions. Financial audits are done of the accounts of DnK in accordance with DnK’s fundamental principle to guarantee every supporter transparent and coherent information about its activities.

If you can, a smaller donation given more often can make a huge difference – we can then plan our work and we won’t need to launch appeals as often.

However – a donation now is very valuable to us as well, so whatever way you can help support our work will be much appreciated.

You can transfer money to our banking details below, send a check, or give us cash. DnK provides you with receipts/invoices at your request. Please contact us if you have further querier which this site does not provide.

Thank you.

Viešoji Įstaiga Norvegu Klubas (Company no. 110089525)
Savičiaus g. 11 – 57, Vilnius, Lithuania
Nordea Bank
IBAN/Account no: LT18 2140 0300 0007 8863